Monday, April 22, 2013

Priority of Life - Relating to God and Handling of Wealth According to the Wisest

The Prosperity Gospel preacher or followers should read this. Never try to make God our means for prosperity. Wealth itself is temporary and not trustworthy. Relate to God well with respect and obedience, repenting from evil and never try to manipulate God with our empty promises.
In Ecclesiastes 5, the wisest man, King Solomon, first began with how we should relate to God and then address the issue of wealth. God or Wealth is the typical struggle that man has. Solomon pointed out the problems of wealth, the corruption and evil caused, never-enough greed, worry of lost, lost it when you need it, and yet still not able to buy peace, health nor stop sufferings, and we are not able to bring them into our death. So he concluded that it is still best to appreciate and enjoy the goodness that God has given us in this short life.

Here is the mind-map for the study of Ecclesiastes 5:

  The take away is simple:

  1. Give thanks to God for the life, no matter how short, and joy that we are able to enjoy the fruits of our labor and the blessing of riches.
  2. We are not to trust wealth to give us satisfaction. It does not. Accumulating more will just cause us to want for more.  We will worry more about loosing it. It is not even permanent and just when we need it, it may have lost it all! It is the cause of much injustice and oppression. It does not buy peace, health, or even prevent sufferings and affliction.
  3. The best is still to acknowledge God and relate to Him well. We are to be sincere, respectful, attentive with listening and obedience, repent from any evil, and try not to manipulate God with our promises that we may not keep.
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