Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Be Accountable to God & Start Living Now - That's life from Ecclesiastes 12

After all the studies and experimentation to discover life, the Preacher/Teacher concluded that the whole duty of man is to fear God and keep His commandments because God will judge man. To put it in modern term, it is "Be accountable to God and start living life to the fullest". With God in mind, life is no longer meaningless. We are created uniquely with a purpose and a calling. Our life is to live out that calling here. We are to start now, in our youth, with all our passion and strengths, and not wait till we are old when we are feeble and weak, or worse, at our last breath where we could do nothing. It will be too late to regret then.

Here is the summary map of Ecclesiastes 12:
Let us see these key verses again:
11:9 Young people,* it’s wonderful to be young! Enjoy every minute of it. Do everything you want to do; take it all in. But remember that you must give an account to God for everything you do. NLV.
12:1 Don’t let the excitement of youth cause you to forget your Creator. Honor him in your youth before you grow old...

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