Friday, November 28, 2008

Laying of Hands

The details of our discussion are given in the mind-map "Laying of Hands".
The key points learned about "Laying of Hands" are

  1. one of the 6 foundational doctrines listed in Heb 6:1-2
  2. It is for the purpose of appointment of position and impartation of gifts for the individual.
  3. It is a transference of authority, power, gifts, anointing from one of higher authority to a another.
  4. It is about healing through laying of hands.
  5. Do not be hasty in laying hands on others - e.g. installation of leaders.
  6. Do not be hasty in receiving laying of hands from anyone as you don't know what transference is taking place.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Get Well

We discuss this topic "Do You Want to Get Well?" preached by Ps JK on 2 Nov 2008.

The discussion is best summarized by the mind-map Get Well.

Notes on Mind Map:
  1. I am a strong believer on Cognitive Learning.
  2. Mind-map is one of the good way of building up our knowledge and understanding. I conduct a course on "Creative and Visual Thinking for Breakthrough Ideas" in NUS Extension.
  3. In the past, I post mind-map jpg files.
  4. Recently, Mindmanager 8, one of the mind mapping software that I use, has the ability to produce flash swf file. This swf allows user to freely expand and collapse branches of the mind map without the need of installing the Mindmanager sofware.
  5. I hope this new flash format is better than the old mind map in static form. Let me know.
  6. Also discovered, a bit late may be, that Google Site provides you a fast and easy way of constructing your own web pages.