Saturday, September 14, 2013

Four Keys to Greater Meaning in Life - Ecclesiastes 4

On casual reading, one may think that Ecclesiastes is about vanity and meaninglessness. Don't be fooled, it is actually telling you how to find the real meaning of life. This chapter 4 gives you four keys: 1 right the wrongs, 2 have work-life balance, 3 co-operate with others 4 get wisdom and live out your dream now; poverty cannot stop you.

The Ecclesiastes 4 mind-map:
Please go through the mind-map and try to answer the questions.
Here are the four keys to greater meaning in life.

1 Oppression - Righting the Wrongs gives meaning in life.
When there is unfairness and oppression, death seems better for oppressed. Unborn is even better. If we invert this argument, living is good when there is fairness and no oppression. Those living like us now should consider helping to make this world a place for fairness and justice.

2. Work Life Balance - Not due to Envy or Greed.
There is no meaning in working our lives away when our objective is trying to be better than others due to envy. There is on meaning also in just working hard to get more wealth due to our greed. Wealth alone does not satisfy the longing of the heart. Greed will just ask for more. It is important to live a balance life of work, rest and relationship building.

3. Co-operation is better - Do it.
Co-operation brings greater strength and is resilient to failure. Learn to co-operate with others and to get co-operation with others. Make sure the interests of others are taken care of.

4. Get Wisdom Young Men and Live out Your Dream. Poverty cannot stop you.
Wisdom and Youth are most powerful. Poverty cannot stop such a wise young man to become a powerful king. Even though one's contribution may be forgotten by latter generations, we work because it is right and not because we can get credits.

The teaching of Ancient Chinese Lao Zi's is a good companion to this wisdom from Solomon.
DaoDeJing 33

  1. Knowing the character of others is wisdom. 知人者智,  Knowing oneself is enlightenment.  自知者明。
  2. Mastering others is power and authority. 胜人者有力, Self-control is true strength.自胜者强。
  3. Contentment is richness.知足者富, Striving forward is commitment and aspiration. 强行者有志。
  4. Not losing oneself will last.不失其所者久, Died and yet one’s legacy continues is long life.死而不亡者寿。

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