Friday, April 27, 2012

Bible Study Daniel 1 - Growing Up

Daniel is a book about the story of mankind - from history to future. We can see the handiwork of God in the affairs of the world. (See Kingdom Principles Discussion 04 The Dual Worlds). We learned about Daniel and his friends. We could see how wise and powerful King Nebuchadnezzar was that we could learn good principles of management from him. Daniel served for over sixty years under different kings. The interpreted dreams and visions tell us our past, present and future. It is a book full of interesting turns of events and full of wisdom. Read it to discover powerful and loving God, how to wise and to live a long life of contributions and a good testimony for God.

The Overview:
See the mind-map below:

Daniel Chapter One:

Read the chapter and see you could summarize the key points. Here is one mind-map for it:

Have you discovered? 
See the underlying influence of God in all worldly events. Learn how to make a stand for God from Daniel. Non-confrontational leads to better outcomes for all. Learn the Management Principles for running a large country or company from Nebuchadnezzar (Diversities & Talents selection and development and personal involvement with the talents and assignment of work.

Questions for Reflection:
  1. Who is in charge of world events? What we can learn about influencing the events in our lives?
    (hints: Dan 1:2 Gave Jerusalem to Nebuchadnezzar; Dan 1:9 Gave Daniel favors; Dan 1:17 Gave them wisdom and skills ...; praying to know God's will and intercessory for ... You can see more of these in the life Daniel in the following chapters)
  2. What is the most important resource in a nation or a company?
    (Hint: talents)
  3. What can you learn about selection and development of talents? 
  4. Why couldn't Daniel and his Jewish friends just follow the diet prescribed for them?
    (Hint: Due to his belief and conviction. He decided not be defiled by the King's food)
  5. What can you learn from Daniel about making a stand for God?
    (Hint: Not a frontal confrontation. Seek first to understand the key reasons for the rejection. Find the solution. Both parties will end up better) 
  6. What was the result of the King's Interview?
    (Hint: they were 10 times better )
  7. How long did Daniel serve in the governments?
    (Hint: BC 605 Daniel Taken - 3 year of education - BC 539 King Cyrus + 1 = 64)
  8. Are you selecting and developing talents in your Company, Church, or Family or even yourself?What should you do?
  9. Reflect on your last event of bearing testimony for God. Did it go well? Why or Why not?
  10. What is your testimony for your service in your company or church or family?
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