Saturday, May 25, 2013

Spiritual Warfare - Learning from Tim Keller

Believers are in a spiritual war against the devils who uses temptations and accusations to get believers to destroy themselves by their own power! The details of temptations and accusations are covered in depth. The solutions is to put on the full armor  of God by knowing the truth, our righteousness of Christ (not ours), assured salvation, faith in the truth, using the Word of God as weapon for deliverance, going forth to preach the Gospel of Peace, communication with God and supplication for others. Essentially, to preach to ourselves and others the Gospels of Grace so that we can stand and overcome the devils devices.

This week topic for the Bible Study Group discussion is on "Spiritual Warfare" from Tim Keller's sermon that can be found at

Spiritual Warfare Mind-map:

Discussion Questions and Sample Answer:

Hope you enjoy and learned much. We need to be on our watch against the lies of temptations and accusation from the devils. The only way to fight against such spiritual attacks, is to apply the Word of Truth, the Bible, especially the Gospel Message of Peace with God and Grace empowerment from God, to our mind and heart and to bold proclaim and deliver those in the devils bondage and deception.

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