Monday, January 12, 2009

For Such a Time As This

The group discussed Ps JK'sermon "For Such a Time As This".
The key points of the discussion, contributed by most members of the group, are summarized below:
1. What "Such a time like this" refer to: (Q1a)
  1. Narrow Definition: It refers to the move of the Church to TPY. How can you help in the growth of the Church at TPY.
  2. Broader Definition: The Financial & Economic Crisis at present. What's your calling and role at this time?
    1. This is the SHAKING times - those that are weak will be taken down (e.g. the greed, the cheats, the unreliable systems, just playing church). We need to make sure we are are building on the strong foundation of Jesus Christ & His Rhema & Logos Word.
    2. Shaking down the rotten and weak alsoo means the building up of the Strong and True.
    3. Those that are found strong will shine for God.
  3. Even Broader Definition: Opportunities that God opened to us. Be quick to obey and seize the opportunity.
    Past experiences, like the 2WW Japan when Gen MacArthur asked for US to send missionaries to Japan and the US churches said that they were not ready. Recent 9/11 event caused a lot of people to attend churches in the aftermath but the churches were not ready to seize on the opportunity and things revert to normal.
2. The Lessons Learned and Advices:(Q1b)
  1. To depend on God. To trust God to provide. Our hard work to earn and save to have a big retirement funds could be wiped out easily, e.g. Lehman Brothers' funds, Madoff's fraud, even with cares in investment, We cannot trust the accumulated wealth for security. (Note: this is not to say we should not earn and save - we should. But we should not trust in our accumulated wealth more than God).
  2. To learn to hear and obey God.
  3. In helping those in needs, we need to pray for God's wisdom too, We need to bring them to their own encounter with God and let them see how God is real in their life.
3. An Example Shared by Mavies (Q2) - Example of GO & GROW (Church 2009 Theme)
  1. Mavies shared about her calling to serve in the children church. She was very worry about her ability to lead the kids because she was only 3 year-old in Christ. But the inward desire was so strong that she step forward. The desire overcomes the fear. She spent effort in studying the Bible more and grow spiritual as a result of studying, teaching and applying what she learned. She felt kids are more forgiving and drew courage to lead them even though she might make mistakes.
  2. Mavies' experience shows God is at work inside (Phi 2:13 [GW] It is God who produces in you the desires and actions that please him. ) and we are to be like Mavies, work out (Phi 2:12).
  3. Grace - God's empowerment comes when we obey and GO. Grace is not needed nor shown when we remain in our comfort zone and do nothing.
4. Importance to Heed God's Call (Q3)
  1. If we don't, we may be living life with lots of activities but feeling empty, unaccomplished, dissatisfied. Some may experience defeats and failures.
  2. JKiat shared that he felt he need to go to visit his father just one week before he passed away. But because he was in camp he did not make the extra effort to go and miss the opportunity.
5. How can we (Q4)
  1. See point 3. Stick with God. See the desire grow.
  2. Know that God loves you very much.
  3. Focus on God's provisions, grace-empowerment, and not on your limited ability or resources. What God calls you to do, God will also provide the resources to you.
  4. Be encouraged by others and their testimonies.
6. Use by God Now (Q5)
  1. Reflect on your life and see how your can grow individually and with the Church - Serving.
  2. Growth comes from GO.
  3. Pray and step out in Faith.