Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ephesians Chatper 4 & 5 Walk in the New Life Part 2 Discussion

Eph 4:17 – Eph 5:20 Christian Living – Self & Community

Pam classified the verses into two groups - one set is for self and one set for living in the community.
We are reminded first in Eph 4:1 to live worthy of our calling. Here are additional points in our discussion.
  1. To live in the fullness and reality of what Jesus had purchased for us.
  2. Difference between grieving vs filling by the Holy Spirit. Persisting in sins is grieving and following God's will is in filling of the Holy Spirit.
  3. 7 deadly sins is used as a check list. It missed out the sins of omissions - things that we should do but did not.  We also know sins such as lying are secondary manifestation of primary sin. People lies to protect or to get something. We need to find out the true reason behind so that we can fix the root of the problem.
  4. Another checklist is 3G –Glory, Gold, Girls, 1John2:15-16 not love the world, or things of the world: lust of the flesh(Girls), lust of the eyes(Gold - Seeing and Wanting. Envy), pride of life(Glory). (we will discuss these in details  in our future study in 1John).
  5. Best is living in intimacy with Christ - to know Jesus more - who is the truth. Jesus  will lead us and let us know His will so that we can redeem our times, living life with a purpose to fulfill our calling.
  6. Sometimes to put off the sins and evils in our reflections, but mostly to put on. It is easier to put on - know the will of God, focus on the right and we will not be detracted and tempted by the evils.
  7. We are to expose the evil works.  When handling people, follow Eph 4:15 speaking the truth in love.