Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bible Study of 1&2 Thessalonians in Visual Maps

1&2 Thessalonians recorded the great success story of the community of believers by a combination of great mentors and excellent students. Their secrets  and best practices are revealed in these visuals. 
If you are looking for a quick way of studying the Bible effectively, memorizing the key concepts and ensuring the accuracy of the exposition, then the Bible in visual map forms are best.  I present in visuals for 1&2 Thessalonians as follow:

1. The Complete Visuals of 1&2 Thessalonians.

The Thessalonians Believers became the examples to all believers in Macedonia and Achaia (1Th1:7).  How did that happen? We have the great mentor teams of Paul, Silvanus and Timothy (1Th1:1) and the excellent students achieving the great outcomes of work of faith, patience of hope, labor of love(not just in words but in deeds too). These students in turn encouraged their mentors. They were their hope, joy and glory.... Please study the visual to gain the essence of their success.
2. The Best Practices

In the business world, bench marking against the competitors, learning the best practices even from other industries are keys to business success. Here is the best practices for building great church or community of believers.

3. Coaching or Mentoring - The Know How's

The most basic foundation of coaching or mentoring is that you must earn the right to coach or mentor another. This is like any leader must earn the right to lead. Coach or leader must set the example, be the role model, to gain the respect and the trust to lead. There is another saying that is true too, and that is "I don't care what you say until I know that you care". So, having a good testimony as a good leader must be followed with a true love and concern for your students. Two things then that the Mentor must have, the ability and the love. Let's look at the details of the process:

4. The Victorious Life Model

The Victorious Life Model was first shown in Bible Study on Ephesians - Overview and in Ephesians - Conclusions: Visualize Your Learning. Here is a mapping to verses in 1&2 Thess.

How to I be Successful?
You can read the above visual starting from any of the box. You can start with knowing "Love of Christ" then results in "Faith in Christ" which brings forth "Hope of His Calling" that gives you the "Ability" to do and be "Productive" and successful in the things that you do bring joy and glory to God and others.

Why am I Not Successful?
You can also read it anticlockwise and use it as a diagnostic tool. If you find that you are in a jam or lacking success, then check your Ability. Did you ask God or make you of the ability or strengths that God had given you or have you wasted much time on fixing your weaknesses or sins. Did you find out His Calling for you? Are you doing things outside of His will for you. Have you got a vision? Do you have a plan? Did you follow your plan? You may need to go further back to see if you have focus your eye on the problem too much that you loose your faith or trust in the Word of God and in Christ? May be you feel so dejected and rejected that you forgot about the Love of God.

Hope you learn much and enjoy this visual way of studying the Bible. The visual took me a lot of time and effort that I hope you can save those effort and concentrate on internalizing the truths and acting out through your actions and achieve for you the fulfillment and joy in the Lord.

God bless you as you put your learning into work.

Lim Liat (C) 20 Sep 2012

Monday, September 17, 2012

Bible Study Daniel 8 - Daniel's Vision of Ram & Goat

Daniel 2nd vision of Ram and Goat tells us more about the history of man. The picture of the Little Horn is getting even clearer. Despite the explanation given, Daniel was still puzzled. For us now looking at the fulfilled prophesies, our faith on the trustworthiness of the Bible should increase. One thing is sure, the man run organization will cycle through times of victory and defeats, goodness and evil. The human system will end with the Little Horn evil empire being removed by Jesus Christ for the establishment of His eternal kingdom with believers as kings and priests. It behooves us to be watchful and busy in doing God glorifying work in the mean time while watching for his eminent return. We can also learn from here what kind of government and political systems that God is please with. In this time of election, may we select and elect our leader wisely.

The Vision of Ram and Goat

Here is the mind-map that captures the essence of Daniel 8:

The Little Horn
We consolidate the verses on the little horn from Dan 7 & 8 here to get a better view.

The Questions and Suggested Answers for Reflections

Of particular interest to us at this time of election is to select and elect the leader according to the Biblical Standards. We can see that leaders are appointed and anointed by God first. Then the Appointed Leader select and appoint his sub-leaders. It seems to be a top down approach like today business organization. The founders start the business and choose his partners and followers to build the dream together. When voting is required, it is not about bidding one against another. It is about setting a criteria or standards for leadership and those who qualified, or perceived by the people that they qualify, are elected into the team to lead them. The criteria for leadership is explicitly stated in many places in the Bible, an election by God and a response of obedience. Paul shared much of the leadership criteria with us in 1&2 Tim and Titus. Please refer to the following posts:

Lim Liat (C) 18 Sep 2012