Friday, January 21, 2011

Bible Study 1 Peter Discussion

We cover the content as presented in Bible Study 1 Peter Overview and
The following addition points were discussed: 

  1. Walk through of the Visual Map in Ephesians - Conclusions: Visualize Your Learning since 1 Peter is similar to Ephesians. 
    • The chart can be read forward starting with knowing the Love of Christ to Victory in Christ. Or it could be read backward as reflection or diagnosis for failing to be victorious in Christ. e.g. no accomplishment comes from lack of action, may comes from lack of planning, may come from lack of wisdom, lack of knowledge of calling, lack of hope, lack of faith, lack of love of Christ. Someone suggested that the PDCA should be changed to PECI - Plan Experiment Check Implement. 
  2. Salvation is a process. 
    • We have some now, rebirthed by and with Holy Spirit in us( Eph 1:13) , and we will have much more at Christ's coming (1Pet 1:5-6). 
  3. Testing. 
    • Our testing is but temporary and is for our growth and into the glory of God to be received at the revelation of Jesus of Christ. We may walk through the Valley of the shadow of death (Ps 23) but we must be aware that shadow is cast by light. Did we see the light besides the shadow. Do we know Thy rod (for attacking) and Thy staff (for rescuing) that is with us in this journey through the dark valley? 
  4. The true meaning of "Be ye holy; for I am holy" Pet 1:16. 
    • We are to live out the holiness/righteousness of God that is in us (Pet 1:15).Most translation of the Bible say that we must be holy because God is holy. This verse is from Lev 11:44 in the OT. Man must be holy because their God is holy. The energy to be holy must come from man. In OT times, there was no Holy Spirit in man, no Christ in man, such interpretation is correct.  
    • However with new born believers, we are sealed with the Holy Spirit ( Eph 1:13) and we have the Christ in Us (Col 1:27), the way to live is not about man's willing and doing, but about man's yielding to the Holy Spirit and abiding in Christ (like the branch connected the vine of Jesus John 15). It is working out our  salvation with fear and trembling from the God which worketh in us, both to will and to do of His good pleasure ( Php 2:12-13 ). 
    • Work out means we let what we have inside us, in our spirit, the Christ in us, to work through our mind and our body (exterior) so that we will, think and behave like Christ within. It is a growing up process. A good example is the planting of seed. The seed is complete. But it must be planted in the right environment, with water and sun light. It will grow and later bear fruit.
    • A better translation is "We are to show forth the holy nature of the Holy God in us"
    • Some people don't steal because they are afraid of the punishment. Remove the laws and the punishment, then they will steal. However, a true born again believer will not and never steal, because it is in his nature of holiness that such stealing thought never exist in mind. He new nature thinking is about giving and blessing others. Stealing is not in his nature. This is how we should live. It should be natural and easy for us because it is in our nature. We are created and built to do good. We will feel very uncomfortable when we see sins and to sin is a very painful thing (we may be deceived for a short while). Our new pure nature makes us extremely sensitive to sins and find them repulsive. Little things that don't bother us before become a big issue after we are saved. 
    • Why then do believers sin? Because of the existence of old man - the unchanged mind and the body and temptations from the world and the devils. 
    • The way to overcome sins is not to focus on sins but to focus on the new nature of holiness and righteousness.
      To yield to the leading the Holy Spirit in our spirit. To stay in the clean state. Knowing that we are pure and clean will keep us from the dirt of sin. This is a bit defensive. A more positive mindset to to continue to focus on do the things that the Holy Spirit reveals to us. The Christ and Holy Spirit consciousness will keep us on the path of victory. The grace of God inside should enable us to overcome the old mindset and temptations and forces outside. 
  5. Fear 
    • Fear is not about fearing God's punishment because Christ had already been punished for our sins. The fear is about not letting the light shine through us and bringing shame to God.
  6. Thy Kingdom Come & Thy Will be done on Earth 
    • The past thinking and emphasis on Holiness as defined as 'separated from' causes the Church to withdraw from world and become irrelevant to the world and therefore loosing its influence on the world! But Jesus Christ told us to pray that God's Kingdom and God's will be done on earth. This is only possible if believers get back to engage and lead the world with God's Will. Believers are to be overcomers, not by fighting the world with worldly methods, beat them into submission with greater force, but by transforming the world with God's love, the true meaning of overcoming. See  The Meaning of "More than Conquerors". We discuss the conquering the seven mountains or gates for taking back the influence: Arts & entertainment, Business, Church & Religions, Distribution Media, Education, Family and Government. Christ will not come for spotty Bride but will prepare for Himself a spotless Bride.

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