Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bible Study 1Peter 2 Discussion

Key Points:
  1. We are living stones of a Cathedral of God, in which Christ is the Corner stone.
  2. We are and hence we do right and good things and we do not the bad things. We prefer Paul's term of Ambassordor of Christ in this world to Peter's sojourner and exiles in this world. Ambasssodor draw resources from God.
  3. We stressed on Be-Do-Have. Identity - Action - Outcome. Our behavior comes from our identity in Christ.
  4. Doing the other way round, Have-Do-Be is legalism. Have the laws of God, Doing the Laws of God to obtain Salvation as Sons of God is not possible. One reason is that we fail often to follow the laws. The other more fundamental reason is that doing something does not make us that hing. A monkey can behave like man, do the things that man do, but they will remain monkeys. Becoming children of God needs Christ and the Holy Spirit' rebirth. see "Be-Do-Have" of Grace Based Doctrine, &   From Be-Do-Have to Be-Do-Have-Share.
  5. We talked about testimony. We are touched often by people from very-bad to very-good. There are inspiring stories from common people to successful and influential people thorugh Christ. One is HTC boss. Her story is in
  6. We are to suffer for righteousness and Christ's sake to bring glory to God. We added another good reason: Our righteous suffering may, like Christ's wounds for us, bring benefits to others.
  7. We discussed that bearing good witness under a difficult boss is tough thing to do that needs the grace of God. We have to fully trust God to vindicate us in our life time and not to bear grudges or take revengeful actions into our own hands. Some shared that one sometimes had to stay away from colleagues who get together to share complains about the boss.
  8. Haveing an anger releasing party by throwing things may not work but just train up our anger! Better to get to the source of anger and if needed, ask God for the grace to forgive, to see the purpose, to grow up, to receive the peace, and to be grateful even for the tough time.

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