Friday, June 28, 2013

Power & Money and An Encounter that Changes Life - Learning from Tim Keller's '2 Men with Money'

Power and wealth provide illusive security that traps us in pursue of them. But power and wealth could not heal the leprosy of Namaan nor the wealth of Zacchaeus could buy true acceptance. Pride and rejection are key obstacles that stop people from encountering the true grace of God. Are we guilty of them? What are the evidences and behaviors that reveals the transforming grace of God in us? Namaan and Zacchaeus had their encounters that changed their life. Do we have any encounter that are the transforming points? Do get our of our comfort zone and groups of friends and colleagues and go and have encounters that open our minds and hearts. May we be continually refreshed and challenged to live out the Christ in us and impact our worlds for Christ.

The teachings of the Tim Keller's sermon and our discussion are summarized below:

Questions and Sample Answers for Reflections:
Hope you have an encounter that change your life for the better and glorify Christ.

Lim Liat (c) 29 Jun 2013

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