Friday, December 4, 2009

Ephesians - Chapter 3 Mystery Exposed & Abundant Life Q&A

Additional Revelations
In our discussion on Chapter 3, we discovered additional key points that we want to be recorded for our recall and encouragement.
They are:
  1. You cannot imprison a person's spirit & influence.
  2. Paul's imprisonment did not restrict the spreading of the gospels. Paul brought the gospel into the prison (or where-ever he was). Phil 1:12-14 gives the answers to why Paul's imprisonment is for our glory... the gospels spread and brothers become more bold in sharing!
  3. Our attitude to life should be - no matter what, I win (from God's perspective) see John 16:33 world-tribulation-be of good cheer-Christ have overcome -> we overcome through Christ.
  4. There is no condemnation for suffering - even Paul is imprisoned. Do not despise those who are undergoing their challenges of life. Encourage them to win for Christ.
  5. Each of us has our own calling. There is no need to mimic or be envious of others lives and calling. Discover our own and live out the life. We will find the greatest satisfaction and fun inspite of the challenges.
For a concept map showing the principles, see Secret of Victorious Christian Living

The Questions for our review and some possible answers are given below:

Q1 What is the Mystery and what does it disclose?
Gentiles is Partakers of God's Blessings as well when God created the universe. The New Man in Union with Christ. To show the Rulers in Heavens the Wisdom of God.

Q2 What was Paul's calling and how he was progressing?What can we learn from him?
Paul's Calling was to preach the gospel to the gentiles. Even in prison for the preaching. For their glory=goodness. Recognize the purpose of God in the various stages of our life in Christ.
  1. what is God's purpose in this?
  2. learn the lessons quicky and move on to the next stage
  3. don't be too fast to accuse God, yourself, others and get angry.
Q3 What does Fullness of God mean? How do you get it?
It is a process of increasing degree in filling from 0% to 100%.
The method is: By Faith & Experience in Christ's Love enpowered by the Holy Spirit.
      1. By Faith in Christ with obedient action
      2. Holy Spirit gives power
      3. Experience the Change
      4. Know Christ's Love more
      5. Grow in Faith
      6. Fullness of God
It is increasing Power by the Holy Spirit for doing things beyond the worldly expectation & standards. e.g. Going Extra Mile, Love instead of Revenge, Breakthrough ideas.

Q4 Explain the Struggle of Old vs New and how to gain victory for the New.
Man is a tripartite being of Spirit, Soul and Body. It is about Inner Man(Spirit) vs Outer Man (Mind & Body). Inner Man new birth - connected to God; outer man was unchanged. Hence the battle.
The secret of victory is to be filled Fullness of God see Q3.
Our focus is then on Christ within - knowing His love, his will, his feeling and following Him in our daily walk in life.
  • The way to overcome sins is not be focus on sins but focus on the One with life and power. Arrange our life so that sin no longer looks good to us. 
  • Joy is our strength (Ps 68:3, Rom 15:13).
    • 1 Thes 5:16-18 show us that joy is a command. Joy can be learned. God does not give a command and not empower us to do it. Ps 118:24 We must take responsibility for joy. 
    • Learn to Celebrate: Ps 100 - eat, drink, sing, dance with a grateful heart to the Lord
    • don't wait for event to be joyful :until i graduate, until I got promoted, or until ....
    • joy is now - every moment of life is a gift of God
    • The surest mark of a Christian is Joy, not faith or love which takes time to be seen.
The principle is to work from the inner man outwards - from relying on the Christ within to sanctify the soul and body.

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