Friday, April 23, 2010

Bible Study on Galatians 4 Son vs Slave Discussion

Q1 What is the difference between Heir and Slave?
  1. Heir: inherit estate, give orders, and take initiative
    Stages: children = slave = follow orders, son - matured - right time
  2. Slave: work for salary (a living), follow orders, reactive
Q2 How do I apply this to my life now?
  • Which stage of Son-ship am I? Child or a mature Son?
  • Do I need a Mentor to guide me?
  • Am I in any kind of bondage? Am I free to act rather than forced to act?
  • I have ability and creativity
  • Am I taking initiative rather than reactive?
    • Am I complaining instead of doing something about it?
    • Am I working and learning for growth?
Q3 What are the responsibilities of being a true friend?
  • Telling the truth and doing it in the Right Way
  • The Right way:
    1. establish your identity, position & authority to speak, the credentials, such as the Bible
    2. show evidences
    3. show endorsements from relevant authorities
    4. use illustrations to communicate better e.g. Nathan on David's adultery & murder.
    5. packaged in love Eph 4:15. You need to earn the right to be listened to. Start with love, gain trust then earn the right to speak to be listened to.
    6. The Way of Love (in Truth) is a more powerful way than just Confrontation which leads to mutual destruction. e.g. Gandhi for India, M Luther King Jr for the Blacks, N Mandela of S Africa.
Q4 What action do I need to take from this learning about true friendship?
Is there anyone I should I extend my love to? Are there improvements to be made in the way we correct someone?

Q5 What is the difference between the two covenants?
  1. Law: Slave:
    1. Performance for acceptance
    2. Stressed to Perform
    3. Become either proud when we think we do well and condemned when we fail.
    4. Who set the standards?
      • Other People – We become Men-Pleasers.
      • Self Perception of God – A Judgmental God, all ready to punish.
      • Satan instigation
  2.  Grace: Son ship:
    1. Performance from Acceptance
    2. Joy to Perform
    3. Standards according to God – God glorifying work.
    4. Productive and fruitful work see Ps 127:2
Q6 How does this change my behavior?
  1. Not have to do but I want to do.
  2. Not minimum standard, but God glorifying standards
  3. Not by my power, but according to God's direction and empowerment to accomplish innovative, impactful things obtaining favors & good relationships with people.

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