Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bible Study 1 John Chapter 3 Believers Behave Like Their Father

Believers are Children of God
1John 3 begins with a declaration that we are children of God v1. We are like Him in appearance (as glorious as Him when he comes) and we should naturally behaves like Him.

The Behavior of Him
There are two aspects of His behavior pointed out in this chapter. Namely,
  1. Purity - Righteousness - Sin free and hence Sin NOT (v3-10). Sinning is of the devil (v8) and righteousness is of the God(4,6,9). Our outward behavior is the result of our inward character. He who is born of God will not enjoy and stayed in sin. Sin should be unnatural to him.
  2. Love one another in deeds & truth (v11-24)
    • Jesus set the example by laying down His life for us. We are to do likewise 3:16
    • Love not just in words but in action (v18)- 2 types of action:
      • Giving to those in Needs (3:17) according to our ability.
      • Correcting those in sin (5:16)
    • Love is in Truth (v19) according to the Word of God. 
      • put on the breastplate of righteousness Eph 6:14. Eph 4:24 put on the new self, created after the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness.
      • Let the Word of God rules our hearts that we ask according to His will and receive the result from Him (3:22). God cannot give us things that violate His character and His words. We cannot force God. We follow Him.
The Greatest Commandment of God for Man- Believe Jesus and Love like Him
This topic is so important that I put it into a new paragraph. We are supposed to follow God's will. What is God's greatest desire and commandment for us? It is to believe His Son Jesus Christ and love one another (1 Jn 3:23). Our believe in Jesus is shown in our following all His commandments and thereby abiding in Him or more specifically in His LOVE (v24). We love as and with His love for us. The following chapter goes into a detailed discussion of the True Love of Jesus. This commandment is the upgraded version of OT love God and love others as yourself. To put it in internet term:

Commandment 1.0 - Love God and love others like yourself.
Commandment 2.0 - Believe in Jesus Christ and love others like Him with His love.

Jesus does not ask us to do things without giving us the power to do. He rebirth us with His Spirit and give Himself to us that we may be like Him by living out the Christ in us.

Questions for Reflection:
  1. In what ways are we like our Father?
  2. How can you tell you are of your Father?
  3. What is the greatest commandment for man now?
Questions for Application:
  1. How do we love one another?
  2. List down some specific actions you need to take in the coming week for any member or your family, friends or even your enemy.

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