Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bible Study 1 Peter Overview

My recommended path to the study of Bible is to start with Ephesians first. In my view, it is the best, comprehensive and condensed theology and practice of the Bible. If we can use commercial term, it is the best value for the money or for the time spent in studying the Bible. This is then to be followed by Galatians which point out what the gospel is not where as Ephesians points out what the Gospel it and how we can put it into practice to get a victorious life.

After we have read Paul's view of the Gospel, it is good to understand the Gospel from the others. For our third study, we do James to learn about Faith in Action. Our faith should be reflected in our behavior. We then go on to John's view of the Gospel which stresses on the Love and Light of God. Now we are going to study Peter's view of the Gospel. Peter stressed on being holy and the need for suffering for righteousness and Christ's sake.

The main theme of 1Peter is about Holy Living at the End-Times. As believers, we must be prepared to suffer for Christ. This purpose of our test is that we may be purified or matured, as a testimony to bring others to Christ and to glorify Christ. Our suffering is but for a short while and we will be comforted, strengthened and greatly rewarded when Christ comes again. We are to be watchful and love another. Peter also tells us, like Paul did in Ephesians, about our roles as believers, servants, wife, husband, elders and members. We can see that 1Peter and Ephesian are in fact quite similar with slight differences in emphasis.

The table of content is:
  1. Chapter 1 God's Plan & Your Testing
  2. Chapter 2 Holy Life of Obedience & Role of Servant
  3. Chapter 3 Roles of Husband & Wife Suffering for Righteousness
  4. Chapter 4 End Times Living - Suffering for Christ
  5. Chapter 5 Roles of Elders & Members

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