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Bible Study 1Peter Chapter 5 Elders & Members

1Peter ends with how the Elders and Members of a community should behave and relate to one another. Let's start with the Elders.

Conduct of Elders v1-4
  • Shepherd the Flock Among you.
    • The key then is how do we shepherd? One translation say it is "Feeding". A closer meaningful word might be "Fathering" and that include guiding, protecting, caring, and disciplining that is covered in the next item.
  • Exercising Oversight: 
    • This include monitoring their healthy growth, correcting and disciplining when needed.
  •  Attitude should be:
    • not under compulsion. No one can force you to be an Elder.
    • willingly & eagerly to serve as fulfilling God's calling for you (Not all are called to be Elders.)
    • not for shameful gain (The tithes of the church is large. It is tempting. Many has fallen)
    • not by domineering (giving orders) but by setting the examples. 
    • Lead by examples.
      It is common for the Leaders, using the Name of God, to force the members to do things they want but they themselves will not do them. Here is a warning against such practices. Some leaders also say "follow what I say and not what I do because I am imperfect". That is very spiritual sounding but not right. Paul says "follow me as I follow Christ" (1 Cor 11:1)
  • Expect a Reward of a Crown when Christ appear. Your work as an Elder will not be forgotten.
Conduct of Members v 5-12
  • Be subject to the Elders. Especially when you are younger (spiritual age).
  • Be humble towards one another. Your time of leadership will come. Learn to be good follower first and than a good leader later. God gives grace to the humble.
  • Cast your cares and worries to God. Not to the Elders! Trust God and don't look to your Elders to solve for you. They can help. But eventually, it is God.
  • Be Sober or Clear Minded. i.e. Watchful. Watch out for the attacks of the devil. Devil will try to find all possible loopholes to attack you. Hence, we must always do things beyond reproach. Staying clear from gray areas. 
  • Resist the devil. How? Not by our strength or wisdom but simply follow after God's leading and His written word.
  • Stand firm in your Faith even in suffering. You are not the only one. Christ and others suffer their faith too. It is for a little while (ie. you can overcome it even though it may seems long). God will restore, confirm, strengthen and establish you. e.g. Job.
Farewell Greetings v12-14
Peter reiterate his purpose of his letter - declaring the true grace of God and to encourage all to stand firm in it. Finally, to love one another and to have the peace of Christ.

  1. How should an Elder behave? 
  2. Are your Elders behaving according to the list? Is it a right thing for the members to do this? Discuss.
  3. How should member behave?
  4. Compare with list above, it there anything that I need to improve on?
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