Friday, October 22, 2010

Bible Study 1 John 3 Discussion

Discussion:on Bible Study 1 John Chapter 3 Believers Behave Like...

Key Point:

  1. We are born of Father God.
  2. We naturally will behave like our Father, God.- :Pure and Sin Not.
  3. When we focus, put our hope on God, we will not sin. That is the best way to stay pure and keep away from sin.
  4. He who is born of God will not continue in sin. Anyone continuing in sin is of the devil.
  5. The greatest commandment is to know and believe in Jesus as Son of God and love others with the love of Jesus. The OT loving God is refined to be believing in Jesus as Son of God and then externalize it through loving others as Jesus has loved us.
  6. Love is not a theoretical concept but must love in deeds. When we see the need and has the ability, we should help. God does not expect us to help when we can't. A person who can't swim is not expected to jump into the water to save another that is drowning. Just shout for help. 
  7. Helping must be done with wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit in these times of deception and cheating. We don't want to give money to support someone alcoholic, drug or gambling addictions. It may be better to help in kinds to the family members. Sometime, help need to come in teaching and wisdom of restructuring the finance and management of finance. Unless the behavior is changed, putting in new money will be ended in loss again. Don't put good money in unchanged bad behavior.
  8. Failures is part of the growing up process. God is not unhappy with us when we fail. God's love for us does not change, more or less, depending on our  behavior. God in fact is please that we try even though we fail. Parents do not scold or stop their children from trying to walk and the falling again. Falling is part of the growing process of learning to walk.
  9. All of us start on the staring line of 'passed already' because of Jesus Christ. But God has different and unique calling for each of us after our passing that we may move towards our high calling from God. Eph 2:8-10 tells us to walk in the  "masterpiece" of God. 2Pet 2:9 is even clearer; (ALT)  you* [are] a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people [for God's own] possession, in order that you* shall proclaim the excellencies of the One having called you* out of darkness into His marvelous light,

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