Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bible Study John Chapter 18:13-27 Trial at High Priets & Peter Denials

There are two major events recorded here.
  1. The Trails by High Priests - Annas, Father-in-law of High Priest Caiaphas.
  2. Peter's Three Times Denials of Knowing Jesus.
They arrested Jesus, or more accurately, Jesus gave himself to them, and they brought Jesus to Annas and then to Caiaphas(v24). We had the hearing with Annas but not with Caiaphas recorded in this chapter 18.

Q1 Described the hearing with Annas. What was the conclusion? Did they find any thing wrong with Jesus' teaching?
  1. The ex-High Priest Annas questioned Jesus about his teaching and his disciples.
  2. Jesus challenged them to ask the people who heard him at public. 
  3. One officer struck Jesus for his rudeness.
  4. Jesus challenged them to point out what wrong he did say.
  5. They have no answers. They could not find a valid reason to charge Jesus.
  6. So they bound and send Jesus to Caiaphas. 
  7. Mat 26:57-68, Mar 14:53-65, Luk 22:54-65 recorded for us what happened at the hearing with Caiaphas. They found none and finally nailed Jesus for admitting the truth that He is the Son of God (Mark 14:62). It is the very sin of Adam wanting himself  to be the judge of right and wrong without the full knowledge and understanding.  (note: the most convenient way to study gospels is to read the Harmony Gospels. You can get it by downloading e-Sword
  8. Caiaphas also believed in sacrificing one Jesus for the whole nation. John 18:15.

Q2 Describe the three denials of Peter. Can you explain what happened to the courageous Peter that cut off Malchus' ear?
  1. At the door of Annas' house when asked by the servant girl.
  2. Warming himself with the servants and officers when asked by one of them.
  3. Asked by a relative of Malchus.
Our courage changes with the situations. In the past, Peter was with Jesus and His disciples. Now, Jesus was captured and Peter was all alone (may be with John that came in and out and recorded for us what happened inside the trial and the denials of Peter in the outside courtyard). It also show that Peter was not mature then. A mature person should maintain his stand and commitment irrespective of the circumstances. After the coming of the Holy Spirit, we shall find a very different Peter in the Book of Acts. We are, just like Peter, basically cowards without the Holy Spirit within us.

Even David, in Ps 27, started with confidence, but went through some doubts, and eventually encouraged himself to hang on by waiting on the Lord.

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