Friday, April 12, 2013

The True Church Community - Learning from Tim Keller

The True Church is a community of believers built on the love of God through Jesus Christ to spur and support one another to grow into maturity of Christ-likeness. Deviation from this basic objective of building up one another into empire building at the expense of the members of the community has caused many to leave the church organization. Yet, wanting to be spiritual without a community of love and support has cause many to shipwreck their faith. Here is how the Church Community should be..."inviting people into the community of Jesus and helping one another to grow into 'little' Christ." This is living out the true Gospel.
The group has a discussion based on Tim Keller's "Hope for the Church" sermon. First, it is good to study the bible reference of Heb 10:19-25 ourselves. Here is a mind-map for the verses.

The Summary of the Sermon:
Questions for Reflections

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Lim Liat (C) 12 April 2013

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