Friday, November 13, 2009

Ephesians - Chapter 2 NEW Man in Christ

Chapter 2 main theme is "The NEW Man in Christ" through the cross of Jesus Christ.

It compares the before and after salvation. All would agree that the New-Man is rebirth by grace through faith (2:8-9). But most will ignore v10, we are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus that we should WALK in them. Our walking to the new man to reveal the glory of Christ that is inside has not been emphasized enough in these days blessings and little-commitment gospel.

Here is the outline:
Chapter 2 Outline
Before our new birth
We are dead and condemned.....

Salvation is by Jesus for the Purpose of:

After, our new life in Christ:
We are not to live alone but belong to the body of Christ -the Church, to be His dwelling place.
We have additional blessings. Please add them to the list in Chapter 1.

Questions for Reflection:
  1. What are the additional new things you learned about your identity and calling?
  2. Compare Before and After Salvation for man.
  3. What is the Purpose of Salvation ? How is it different from other religions?
  4. Who is the Body? What is the Purpose?
  5. Differentiate destination and journey. How it relates to your present living and what you are attaining?
  6. Compare Have-Do-Be vs Be-Do-Have.

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