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Ephesians - Chapter 2 NEW Man in Christ Q&A

Q1. What are the additional new things you learned about your identity and calling? 

  Our Identity has the following additional (to Eph 1) attributes: 
  • A New Man in Christ
  • Peace with God
  • Spiritual Access thru Holy Spirit to God anytime anywhere
  • Citizens of heaven - with our spirit connected in Heaven & Feet on earth
  • Member of Christ's Body on Earth
  Our Calling:

  • Fulfill the God's Masterpiece of us.
  • We are saved for God's glorfying work
Q2 Compare Before and After Salvation for man.
     Before                     After
dead in sins              alive in Christ
alienated                  peace with God
no hope                   glorification with God
condemned to hell     seated with Christ in heaven  

Q3 What is the Purpose of Salvation ? How is it different from other religions? 
The purpose of salvation is about giving New Life to dead men. It is not possible to make sinful man good. A rebirth in new life is necessary. Religions are about trying to make sinful man 'gooder'!

Q4 Who is the Body? What is the Purpose?
Believers are Christ's body on earth. It is the temple of God. It is the Bride of Christ (see Eph 5) 

Q5 Differentiate destination and journey. Explain the dichotomy of Complete in Christ 2 Pet 1:3  and Growth into Image of Christ Rom 8:29.
      2Pe 1:3  ... granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness,
      Rom 8:29  ...  to be conformed to the image of his Son

   2Pe 1:3 is like a seed - all the ingredients of life are contained completely in the seed. When the seed is planted in good soils, the seed will grow up to be a tree and then bear fruits. The bearing of fruits is the realization of Rom 8:29

   It starts with the new godly identity with all godliness things given to grow up to be conformed to image of Christ manifested in our work.
   Journey is the process and progress to reach an end-point the destination.
   The Journey of sanctification is the process of working out the Christ within, experiencing by faith and knowing Him intimately. In this walk with His continued guidance, supply and comforts we grow up with be like Christ.

Q5b How it relates to your present living and what you are attaining? 
 Specific Application - fill the blanks....     

For me ...
      my calling is clearly is .... or I am discovering my calling as ........
      my goal for the long term is ............   (Check: How is God glorified in me with that goal?)         

      my short-term goal is ..................
      my plan to accomplish the goal is ................
      my walk - actions are ...................  (work in progress)
      my learning /review are .................

Q6 Compare Have-Do-Be vs Be-Do-Have.
Note: Be is your identity, inner self; Do is the work, the effort used; Have is the achievement of possessions of things, positions, realization of dreams, the external manifestation  

True Grace

  1. Spirit - complete; soul - renewing; body -  doing good work
  2. Be -> Do (Journey) -> Have
    ( from Christ in You permeating to Showing Christ in you)
  3. face reality and grow-up to maturity children -> young man -> father

Ultra Grace
  1. Be = Have  Spirit=Soul=100%. Already arrived.
  2. no works needed, no element of time, no sufferings, disappointment, etc
  3. Outcome: superficial; hiding; blaming; can't face adversity. Treat sin lightly. Stayed as baby in Christ.

Insufficient Grace, Grace + work

  1. Have - Do - Be
  2. Salvation by grace is a start. It depends on you to maintain your salvation through  good works and discipline. You need to hold on to your Father's hand.
  3. Outcome: stressed out, burnt out, angry with God and leave God in stages. Prayed that they find true grace before stage 4 leaving God on this earth. It is the Heavenly Father who is holding your hand and He will never let go your hand.
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