Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ephesians - Chapter 3 Mystery Exposed & Abundant Life

Two key topics are covered in Ephesians Chapter 3. They are
  • The Mystery Exposed 
  • The Principles for Abundant Life
The table of content for Eph 3 are:
  1. Paul's Calling & the Mystery Exposed
  2. Prayer for the Ephesians & Secrets of Abundant Life
  3. Praise for Jesus Christ
Paul's Calling & the Mystery Exposed

The shared about his own calling from God - the ministry to preach the Good News (The Revealed Mystery) to gentiles, or people of the world. Short-term wise, Paul was in prison because of the his calling but his imprisonment only served to show that the Gospel was not imprisoned and he serves as an example for others benefits.

The Mystery, hiddened but new revealed through Paul, was that the gentiles are to be fellow heirs (3:6) and of the same body and partakers of same promise of Christ. This mystery has beed hid in God since the beginning supporting the God's original in Eph 1:4.  Here are the details:

Prayer for the Ephesians & Secrets of Abundant Life

Paul's prayer for the Ephesians that they be not discouraged but instead grew up to be strong and may be filled with all the fullnss of God revealed the secrets for abundant life in Christ. How can one live a life reflecting the glory of God? So filled with God that the His glory shine forth from us? 

The secret is revealed in 3:16-19 : By faith receives the indwelling of Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit, rooted in His love, and experience beyond knowledge, in the community of fellow believers, the true love of Christ and then we will be filled to the fullness of God and showing forth from the inner-man. See the mind map below:


Praise for Jesus Christ

Paul confidence in Christ 'more than' answering in his prayer resulted in great praise for Jesus Christ. The power that is able to do more than we ask is residing and worked in us. We don't need to look outside of us, seeking help from others, asking God to give us again for the same power that has already been given. The 'more than' is for the glory in the church. The glory in the Church is for everyone of us. We are to show forth His glory ---- we are the salt and light of the world.

Here are some questions for our reflection.
  1. What is the Mystery and what does it disclose?
  2. What was Paul's calling and how he was progressing? What can we learn from him?
  3. Are there purposes for your suffering?
  4. Explain the Struggle of Old vs New and how to gain victory for the New.

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